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Of the about 6000 languages worldwide over 2000 are threatened with extinction. LINCOM publishers have set themselves the task of contributing to the documentation of endangered languages. In the last twenty years numerous grammars, dictionaries and collections of texts have been published. On the one hand, they serve purely scientific purposes to capture the diversity of human language, but also to support efforts to preserve languages, as in the case of the Boruca language in Costa Rica, or as in the case of San Carlos Apache to serve as educational aid material for language teaching.

Now LINCOM offers the possibilty to publish original articles on endangered languages and dialects in the open access platform: Inquiries should be sent to

open access articles on Endangered Languages
Structure of the contributions:

1. Cover sheet, containing information on
1.1 The author (name, affiliation, short cv)
1.2 The language, short geolinguistic data
1.3 Research (date, location)

2. Abstract, maximally 160 words.

3. Text
3.1 Fixed style sheet (A4 format, margins all 2.5 cms, basically Language style)
3.2 Submission as pdf file and word file
3.3 References (correct indenting, book source: italic,
       internet source with date; Language style)
3.4 Maximally 36 pages

4. Images (only copyrighted images, if not, please add the permission of the copyright holder)